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i swear on my life this is how it went down, before the party, started ninja and yolandi were bumping the new album as loud as possible showing me how to dance to the songs, and a fucking bat crashed into the room, and my first instinct was to hit the floor and cry and scream, their first reaction was to run over to it and make him their new best friend

the bat got super comfortable with us humans , we gave him mashed up fruit , he took a nap on everyones xmas sweaters, and then he flew back to his cave and told his friends and family about the best human xmas party he’d ever been to, and they were all like, oh here he goes again with his crazy stories, bitch stop lying!

next level xmas party with NICO NICO, GOODSMILE, IMAGE EPOCH, ARS NOVA, DENZOLO,Martha Otero, UpperPLAYGROUND, Saelee Oh, JOE TO, JAMES JEAN, Rhode montijo, joey Kurtzman, Harry kim, DIE ANTWOORD, SAsha GREY, Bobby Namba, Joli robinson, and special guest , the BAT!!!!

and fuck off, good night :)

More photos at dave’s blogspot

Episode 14 of the KGB Show is up!

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Episode 14 of the KGB Show is up!

Here are some pics from the this episode!

Episode Synopsis:
It’s a hot August night. Joey and Harry take of their clothes.

Yoshi Obayashi has officially quit the show. Bobby Namba is filling in as our resident new comedian. He starts with an impression of Yoshi. Joey does an impression of Bobby’s girlfriend Carol. Despite the issues brought forth about Bobby and Carol’s sex life, nothing has changed.

Our friend, who did the intro to the show, and Jason are two beautiful guests on this episode. Dave recaps on this feeling about Jason and a girl he had once been with. Dave notices that most of his close friends’ parents are still together. He muses about couples friends versus singles friends. Dave and Joey love bro love.

Our married friend talks about balancing between hanging out with singles or as a couple. Our married friend demonstrates that whether the person is single or not, their friendship is about their character.

Dave says girls don’t really have girl friends whereas guys can have good guy friends. Saelee shows up to take a shower after Thai boxing. Saelee can see Joey’s balls. Girls think they have friends that are guys but really are just dudes waiting to fuck them. In the end, we’re all alone. Dave says that all women need drama. Our married friend doesn’t want drama and explains why a person must take responsibility for it. Dave says girls are always bored. Dave doesn’t admit that he can be alone. Dave brings up drama in our married friend’s life about our married friend’s mom and her mom’s criminal boyfriend. Our married friend chooses to take up her mom’s drama to connect with her. A guy named Hollywood, connected with Joey. Hollywood collects money and rapes his victims to humiliate them. Married friends versus single friends. Our married friend and her husband have autonomy in their married lives. Marriage is work just like any relationship. For example, don’t nag your mate, appreciate him. Joey breaks dinnerware during his spousal fights. You can’t expect your partner to complete you. What does it really mean to be alone? Self-sacrifice is still a selfish act. Everyone in the room is a chronic masturbator. What do women think of during sex?

Harry is photogenic. Joey feels that dating again is great but kind of sad. Saelee comes out the shower and rubs herself down with lotion. Joey Thinking what being old is like when you were young. Joey and Harry talk about Linux. Is Joey a good secret keeper? Why even share a secret with even your best friend? Dave was once very quiet and secretive. Joey keeps a secret because he’s ashamed. Joey’s secret of kissing an autistic kid’s dick frees him. Joey’s secret is about betrayal. Dave gets caught jacking off repeatedly and it freed him. Joey got caught jacking off old country style. Dave and Joey recount getting arrested for a check cashing scam in south central LA. Dave’s porn stash is found. The women refuse to talk about masturbation. Bobby does Simon impressions. Bobby’s love life has not changed. Joey reveals the secret. Turi shows up. Turi jerked off his guy cousin. Turi fucks his girl cousin who was married. Jason fucks his second cousin. Dave’s Italian friends has cousin sex. Retard sex.

Listen to episode 14 now.

Episode 13 of the KGB Show is up!

November 30th, 2011    (10 Comments)

Here are some pics from the this episode!

Episode Synopsis:
the show starts off with bobby doing an impression of biggie smalls. bobby loves Christian rock because he loves the message of blind faith.

We just started airing our podcast, KoreanGoneBad, and while we recognize that there is still no point to the show, we are amazed to have 10,000 listeners. We can’t have a live show and need to edit things out for legal reasons because we don’t know how to act. The podcast creates a hyperreal space for us as friends to talk in.

It seems that Yoshi is angry at Dave and we discuss why he refuses to show up. Issues of age and respect come up between Dave and Yoshi. Dave does not ask Yoshi to some things because of Yoshi’s incorrigible behavior. For example, Yoshi tells nigger jokes and hooker jokes to Jason’s parents. Yoshi shows up to events uninvited anyways while his feelings are still hurt. Dave finds he cock blocks himself on the show when his lady friends call him out.

Dave professes his love to sex workers. Bobby’s shy girlfriend, Carol, answers questions about her sex life uncomfortably with one word answers. She reveals what she wants from Bobby, more noise and to cum on her. In her relationship, Carol wants more fights with Bobby.

Joey looks great and recovered well from his divorce. His ex-wife of 12 years is getting engaged and he attributes his recent anger to that. His sexuality is flourishing after his period of heartbreak. When finding out about his ex-wife’s engagement, Joey weeps profusely but without facial expression. Joey can now fuck without falling in love. Joey reads Huckleberry Finn to dark women, each with one of his balls in his mouth. Joey’s fetish is getting his balls sucked. Joey scares a date away by wanting to stare into her eyes for an hour. Bobby can’t agree to have Joey watch him have sex with Carol, for therapeutic reasons. Harry lives in the land of despair with Joey after his break up after 5 years. Now Harry is fucking again. He loves to fuck now while his ex-girlfriend complained about not having enough sex. Dave’s answer is you always fuck because you’re a man.

Bobby pusses out and leaves to go sleep. Joey and Harry can’t have sex when their relationships go bad. When Joey was 18, he hit a girl over the head with the Bible while fucking her doggy style. Joey takes part in an orgy and doesn’t fuck but stares into a man’s eyes. Joey goes to a second orgy and still doesn’t fuck anybody. Joey and Harry talk about sharing the same girl but it gets complicated trying to work it out.

After going through the steps of bro code, Dave meets a new classy lady friend through James. Joey says, “If you have to ask, don’t do it.” Wasted sex is rotten fruit. Dave’s friend cockblocks himself. Girls who don’t get laid because they have too high standards become rotten fruit. Dave literally gets cockblocked by a giant penis on a trampoline. Is cockblocking really funny? Joey is ok with it because Yoshi cockblocks him in a funny way. Dave is more upset than Joey. Joey now has a manipulative bitch living with him. For Joey, this is crazy bitch training. She walks around the house bottomless to entice Joey. Joey and Dave are callous to a woman’s tears. A powerful woman sees men as children. You could never take what a man says seriously.

It’s hot. People are stripped to their underwear. Saelee is the man when she dates. David Choe is mistaken for the celebrity chef David Chang. Both Davids are going on a worldwide gambling eating tour. As a child, David used to shave his knees and his cheeks. Now he has hairy knees and cheeks.

Jason, David’s friend and Jenny, David’s ex-lover, are now and item and have arrived on the podcast to be interviewed about their relationship by David. Jason also follows bro-code. David gives his blessing because the feeling of infatuated love is precious because it is fleeting and rare. David asks them how they deal with the temporal nature of love’s honeymoon stage. Saelee is sick of their PDA. Saelee and Dave debate on Dave’s real feelings whether he really cares or not. David points out that Saelee is a hater. People cover up their awkwardness with laughter and Joey’s presence. Jenny’s ex-boyfriends are creeps. One wants to have group sex and a sex video. She doesn’t trust him enough. Jenny gets pleasure from a finger in her ass not because of sexual pleasure but because it scratches her hemorrhoid. At age 17, Jason loses his virginity to a 46 year old. At age 23, Jason’s girlfriends are ten years older. Jason spits knowledge that communication and compromise are more important in a relationship than love. We read off the list of traits for Jenny’s dream man and if Jason measures up. Jenny’s desire to have a child along with her biological clock complicates things. Jenny farted on everybody including David’s dick. Saelee has a list also. People fuck like how they eat and eat how they like to fuck. Dave’s video idea about singing dicks and clits. The difference between a three way for a guy and two girls and a girl and two guys. For the guy it’s a dominance thing, for the girl it’s a logistical thing to fill more holes. What would a three way with David, Jason, and Jenny be like? David has seen all modes of Harry’s penis, his boner and balls and everything, so he would be a good threesome partner. Jenny’s fantasy is to have three guys to fill all her holes. She would choose David and Jason, but it’s a toss up between Harry and Joey. Jenny scrubs Joey in a bathtub while he has a boner. We have a 15 year old kid staying over at the warehouse and Jenny shows her tits.

Listen to episode 13 now.

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