Episode 18 of the KGB Show is up!

April 3rd, 2012    (8 Comments)

Here are some pics from the this episode!


Episode Synopsis:

Joey is inviting Dave to his own white people activities. It’s Bobby’s birthday on Sunday. Everyone believes that Joey fucked his old roommate. Joey says she has too much masculine energy. Bobby and his girlfriend Carol loves the show. The podcast gets a lot of hits. Yoshi bags on Carol on a previous show. It seems like this could cause a problem with Bobby. Bobby does not communicate with Carol about the relationship. Yoshi didn’t think that Bobby was into Carol. Bobby doesn’t believe he was indifferent but it also wasn’t infatuation.

Yoshi’s brother makes a rare call and he’s upset about the way Dave was talking about him on the podcast. Dave talks about people who bother him to everybody. All of our family members listen to the podcast. Carol is misunderstood because she is quiet. Yoshi transitions from the fish industry to the porn industry. Yoshi argues with a co-worker who criticized the way he worked. As soon as Yoshi gets touched he loses his shit and breaks the guy’s arm. Yoshi is slightly repentant. A rude Japanese lady caused Yoshi to quit. Dave only wants what he can’t have. Dave questions why he does art? Dave wants a girl but wonders what happens once he gets her? Dave got the success of his dreams but he still feels depressed the next day. It sucks to find what you’re looking for. It’s boring and stupid after you cum. The album Dave and Harry have been wanting to make for 20 years can never live up to it’s anticipation. The finishing of a painting is never as good as the point before finishing. The nature of desire.

Yoshi knows millionaires who are unhappy. He wonders why Dave is unhappy. For Dave, all the vaginas he fucked all blend into one big vagina but end in the end, Dave feels happy and fortunate. Yoshi knows an agent who has to eat shit from these unhappy people. Harry doesn’t want to go on Thumbs Up. It’s 90% torture and pain. Joey is in a relationship again. Joey has eroticized rage. Yoshi’s brother was concerned Yoshi had AIDS because of his cough.

Dave fucks a girl who says weird things when she’s turned on. Joey might play a dangerous game with casual relationships. Joey is mad at Yoshi #2 for not being a good brother. Joey thinks Yoshi #2 is an idiot. For whatever reason, people have a family member they don’t really communicate with. Yoshi has a hot lady friend. The show is over the moment one of us is in a relationship. Yoshi offends our Christian friend, Vania. Dave crank calls Stephanie Seymore. Joey loves sleeping on the beach. Joey visits the Scientology Church with Saelee and Vania. They use Tone 40 for mind control.

Yoshi met this hot woman after his show which doesn’t usually happen, Yoshi doesn’t go for the women who like him after a show. Joey has been on his smartphone the whole show. Joey shows a girl his boner and it actually worked. Yoshi jumped into a scene where a girl was getting fucked and started eating her pussy. Yoshi was in a porno. Yoshi does the paperwork for gangbangs. Yoshi put on a mask for a gangbang blowjob. Yoshi receives a very disturbing black cock slathering on his ass cheek. Yoshi felt very uncomfortable and left.

Dave Choe is compared to Ted Bundy. Chicks love murderers. Killing in war is just an excuse for murderers. Dave pays no attention to any news and doesn’t pay attention to what’s going on in the world. For example, he didn’t know about 911 until the day after. Dave doesn’t know who Casey Anthony is. The tech corner is over. Sports With Bobby: The ice hockey season division 5, the Coyotes, has started off strong with a 7-0 win. Bobby needs better defense. The Coyotes are in last place. The games are held at the LA Valley Ice Center Sat and Sunday nights.

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Episode 17 of the KGB Show is up!

March 27th, 2012    (7 Comments)

Here are some pics from the this episode!


Episode Synopsis:
Yoshi’s back! Again!

The room is newly decorated with pictures and custom made wooden masks. Larry David stole Yoshi’s joke and put it in his show. Larry David calls Yoshi with an unpleasant apology. Because of Larry’s fame, now people accuse Yoshi of stealing that joke from Larry. A Kamikaze pilot attacked Oregon. Dave says that Yoshi holds a grudge for a long time. Yoshi calls Dave out on his grudges. Would Yoshi rather have it never had happened to have his joke stolen? No. Larry David was annoying Yoshi on the phone in the way he acts on the show. After the call, Yoshi was yelled at by his boss.
Dave has fought lawsuits and will always spend his money to win. Lawsuits are an unnatural way to resolve conflicts. Dave believes that Yoshi was happy about the whole thing.

Dave gets a call from his older brother Jimmy. Jimmy is a special brother who doesn’t have the same material desires as people in society. He wants to be off the grid and Dave respects that. But in that way, Dave doesn’t respect that Jimmy still asks him for money. Jimmy adopted Dave’s dog Rosie. Rosie has medical problems. Jimmy sells Dave’s sketches on bay to cover the vet bills. Dave works hard to build his career and make his art worth something. Dave is angry that Jimmy undersells Dave’s art for like $300 on bay because he didn’t want to ask Dave for money. It’s not Jimmy’s, it’s Dave’s. To be fair, Jimmy didn’t know what he was doing. Dave is concerned about how Jimmy will make a living. Dave’s parents are scared that Jimmy may move back home.

Having a child is gambling. There is a 50% chance that he could hate your guts. By seeing how Jimmy takes care of the dog, Jimmy has great care taking abilities. In 2007, Dave’s career took off in a show in London with Lazarides. Millions of dollars.

When Dave gets home, he finds that his dad is selling his art in the neighborhood Korean mall for $300. Dave has hatred for the Koreans. Dave’s mom comes to him with business deals. Retirement homes in 29 Palms. Dave says to invest in his art. Dave’s mom then gets a renewed interest in art. While Jimmy is in the print business with Dave, he doesn’t contact Dave in one and a half years. Dave’s mom spends his money to buy his reserve prints back from Jimmy. Dave realizes that he set himself up with these things.

Everybody focuses on romantic love. Romantic love always ends. Friend love doesn’t end and it’s undervalued in society. People tell Dave he has the best friends and he works for that. It’s upsetting to Dave when he is stonewalled by Yoshi, like sometimes a couples won’t talk for months. Yoshi sighs. To protect himself from falling in love and committing, Dave goes out with girls of less quality like strippers and porn stars. Usually a month or two into his relationships, the girls open up to Dave with their personal stories.

Instead of doing crimes, Dave gambles. Dave uses his money to build an awesome studio to distract him from Vegas. Instead, it became a launching pad for Vegas. Dave goes crazy gambling. Dave and Harry do one last Vegas trip and win big. But Dave looks sad towards the end of the trip. Without Vegas, Dave wants to commit crimes again. He talks about killing people. Dave grew up looking up to fictional heroes that killed bad guys. He gets home and hears of women friends of his getting assaulted.

Yoshi’s grandfather was a bitter man. Yoshi’s dad is a sweet guy but divorces his mom. His mom tricks him and takes him away to live with her sister in the US. As a kid, he sees his dad break down in front of him. His aunt’s family tells him that his father does not care about him. Stories this fucked up only comes from Korean families. Yoshi’s stepmother cheated on his dad. Yoshi says horrible things in his comedy to break through naivete to help prevent fucked up things from happening. It’s unclear whether Yoshi’s dad killed himself or was murdered while his stepmother was still cheating on him. As soon as Yoshi flies into Japan, attends his father’s funeral, sees his stepmom, beats the shit out of her and leaves Japan immediately.

Stepmothers are generally evil people. Real evil exists in the world and people do deserve to die. Yoshi’s stepmother has been in other marriages and there have been other mysterious deaths. In Japan, they don’t do autopsies unless the family insists on it. Circumstances seem like Yoshi’s dad got murdered.

Yoshi does his comedy to make people miserable. Joey has a chance to get laid as soon as he gets out of a divorce. Yoshi cockblocks him in the worst way. Dave brings up his issues with Yoshi about some chick named Emily who nobody out there knows. Dave thinks that Yoshi’s mate has to be just as fucked up as he is.

The hot chick tax is expensive. Seeing hookers is convenient. Yoshi is upset that Dave doesn’t follow through on his promise to set up a schedule. Only six people show up for the signing of Dirty Hands at Giant Robot. All six loved the podcast and Yoshi is a favorite. When Dave hears of a friend who is gang raped, he just sees red and he wants to kill. No remorse. Dave was trying to start things again in his life and then he hears of these rapes. His friend tries to kill herself. The person puts herself in a situation that allows her to get raped but it’s preferable to working at Subway. It’s too easy to just shoot someone. You need medical experience to torture someone without killing them. Dave expresses his art to torturing the rapist. A psychic told Dave he is at the master soul level. Dave is here on the planet to teach, to serve, to help. Killing people can also be helping people.

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Episode 16 of the KGB Show is up!

February 7th, 2012    (17 Comments)

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Episode Synopsis:
Yoshi’s back! Dave intros the show. David Choe, Harry Kim, Saelee Oh, and special guest Asa Akira are in the studio. Joey is having diva problems again. This is the last show. People have a hard time turning off their phones in the studio. Yoshi’s already asleep. The show is not as popular as we thought. Some of our fans really love the show. It makes Joey feel less alone in the world. Dave didn’t like Yoshi’s hat when he saw him in Vegas. Dave equates the kid on youtube who gets beat up to Yoshi’s childhood. Yoshi mistrusts Dave’s message. Dave brings Yoshi a new hat. Yoshi and his friends have money trouble. Dave talks about how his relationship with Sean Parker started. This leads to painting Facebook, the first office. Facebook does not sound like a good idea to Dave. Joey interrupts Dave’s story with his diva needs. Dave takes payment in stocks. Dave paints the new office and finds out a huge story was going to break. The story printed is inaccurate. Dave is richer than rich. biatch. Dave’s on the cover of the New York Times and now everyone wants a piece of Dave. Rich people are boring at spending their money. So Dave will spend his money in comics, cloning and then fucking himself, reenact Brewster’s Millions. In the 80s, that’s one of a few movies of white people messing with black people. Dave is going to buy the cheaper Congo. Dave is going to enact revenge on anyone who has ever been mean to him. Dave has a batcave with everything that batman has. Dave’s going to change the Simpsons and Seinfeld. Margaret Cho, David Chang, and James Iha are his body doubles. Dave is paying for that super rare treatment that takes the gay out of him. Dave was doing well without Facebook anyways. Dave talks about a time before Facebook when it was a joke. What it’s like being rich but being around normal people. Everybody Dave knows has contacted him. Dave gets propositioned to have a sex slave. Some people would rather be slaves than be poor. For Asa, it’s just a communist mentality. Dave offers a slavery option. Rich ugly women still have a hard time getting laid. It only works the other way around. Asa works out a lot and is always hungry. Dave is also a hungry person. He gets so hungry that he overlooks his pet peeves. It’s hard to do pro lapse movies. Asa can gape her asshole. Asa Akira has won every award possible for sex. Asa Akira’s Insatiable 2 is rapey and violent. Dave compares it to the Ryan Gosling movie Blue Valentine. She does double vaginal and double anal. Yoshi can’t watch porn that has someone he knows in it. Asa, like Hall and Oates, has gone as far as she can with her career. What’s next? Dave reached his goals in gambling. Porn is an addiction for Asa. Double anal can only happen organically. There’s an art to anal sex. Anal sex hurts in the beginning.

Yoshi wants to do a show about boxing. He’s traveling to do a comedy show. The whores in Indianapolis are the worst. Yoshi picks bad sports bets for Dave. Yoshi is a sex tourist. Hong Kong Tijuana is a strip club like no other. Dave puts her finger in a stripper’s asshole while she’s sliding on shaving cream on stage. Yoshi prefers Alita club because he likes nasty girls over pretty ones. Pretty girls are overrated. Yoshi prefers authenticity. Porn makes Asa’s life isolated. It’s lonely. The porn convention has shrunk which means that the business is shrinking. While Dave was at the porn awards, girls are getting fingered around him. Unlike any other award show, the girls scream, fight, and finger at the AVN awards. What will Yoshi and Asa do when the industry is disappeared? Porn is like high school. Being a white guy in Japan is like being a celebrity. The Japanese would not appreciate Yoshi’s comedy. Japanese comedy is like David Spade and Chris Farley. Dave is taking requests for money. Dave was just aggravating people when he wasn’t painting. Now he’s painting again. Not painting is like not being laid. All this annoying energy was built up. It was very important for Dave not to wake up before noon. Now he gets to paint anywhere and wake up in the afternoon with his friends. When Dave paints new places, he doesn’t want chicks, he just wants to paint with his friends. It’s the most gratifying feeling. Dave just paints but gets paid to do it. That in itself is gratifying. Joey is happy to see that Dave looks healthier after painting. Painting in public is like a stripper showing her naked body. It’s a vulnerable thing. It’s Dave’s therapy. Dave expresses what can’t be put in words in his painting. If Dave was a girl, he would be a prostitute. As a man, Asa would get fucked in the ass. It would feel better with a prostate. Joey had his prostate tickled in Japan. He has felt plenty of old prostates. Rectal exams are just performed without a need for it. Bidets in Japan has the best pressure. Does Dave’s bidet go as deep as Joey’s? It made Joey cum. Yoshi doesn’t want to pay extra for ass play. Are bottoms jizzing everywhere in gay porn? A customer at Yoshi’s porn shop would tell Yoshi there is a defective spot on his gay porn tape just to make Yoshi watch the whole thing to find it. The customer just wants Yoshi’s company. Dave goes to a porn store to watch porn in San Diego. While Dave is in midstroke, an old man comes into his booth and propositions him. Once again, Dave is very vulnerable. Dave had to squeeze through to get out. Those places are for gay men. We say our sad last goodbyes. Married people should not be on Facebook. Facebook is cited in 90% of divorce cases. Marriage works because the Facebook option was not there. Now the temptation is there when times are hard. Some couples give their Facebook and email passwords to each other. Dave dated some girls who had to play seduction games through text. Dave has done the same thing with his gay clients. If Yoshi found love, he would fall hard and trust his girl. It’s about trust. Prenups are unromantic. Saelee would never marry a guy just for money. Dave is offering money to help people’s romances.

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