End of an Era…

January 14th, 2013    (27 Comments)

The era of Koreans Gone Bad is over, it was fun while it lasted, but now begins

Episode 20

July 26th, 2012    (24 Comments)


Dave is not here. Is tranny a derogatory word? Dave (who is fat) has been temporarily banned from the podcast room because of his tendencies to have soliloquies and monologues and screaming over other people with his (fat) deep voice. The folds of Dave’s face fat has a face and looks like a snowman.

Dave wonders why he’s kicked off his show. He calls it ‘my show.’ Sasha Grey would make a great Dave on camera. Only a female can portray Dave. Harry and Dave were alone in Bali for over a month. Dave and Harry fought over a secret.

Vania has just joined the podcast. She says everyone is cool and James is alright. Once again, it’s our last show. Yoshi is not here because he is doing comedy at a Hollywood youth hostel. Yoshi got fired from his job. He’s never been fired. Now he’s moving to New York. Major disasters in Yoshi’s life has prevented him from moving or traveling.

Joey is leaving Los Angeles. Dave’s friend just has a positive outlook in life with a new girlfriend. We have another friend who just got engaged with the biggest rock. Dave thought it was nice there was an engagement in the midst of his bitter single friends. Saelee has no wedding fantasies. James had a high maintenance wedding. He just received a long text from his ex-wife. He’s still in a middle of a divorce.

Yoshi burns DVDs and gives it out to people he likes. Dave reads Yoshi’s resignation letter. Sasha will not continue in porn. His supervisor’s daughter watched him chapter porn. The children have also caught him with a hard on while editing porn. Yoshi enters with his friend Taina. Taina got Yoshi his start in the porn industry. Yoshi got beat up defending his porn shop. Back in the day, porn was a hot street commodity back in the day and people tried to shoplift a lot.

Samoans is very accepting of gay people. Taina is the opposite of a cockblocker, he likes helping his bros get laid. Taina records his sexual experiences and lets his friends borrow his tapes. Taina walks his friends through the porn viewings. Taina was in a circle of other guys who would share their tapes. Women are not interested in seeing their friends’ sex tapes. Vania thinks that Blue Valentine is a Ryan Gosling sex tape.

Joey was very disturbed when Harry was peeking through the window when he was about to jerk off. Saelee thinks Taina wants to show his cock off to his friends. Taina swears that it is only about showing the girls. Joey enters. Joey used to masturbate old country style and started at nine years old. Dave learned the tantric method in prison. Dave talked Harry through it when he was drunk.

Yoshi got into porn to make money to help his family out. Comics are miserable people. Polynesians are funny and goofy with sex. As far as trannies go, Can a man be so beautiful and so much of a woman that you can accept the dick? Some trannies don’t get off with their dicks. A tranny will show you that a woman is hard with an erect penis. Otherwise, you never truly know with a woman. An erect penis on a transexual is a wagging tail on a dog. Some of the appeal of a she-male is that it’s an understanding of a man’s needs. Transexuals take the best traits of the women without the bitchiness.

With the ubiquity of porn, the pussy does not have the power it used to have. It’s time for men to have good fake pussies. Female to male transexuals have gnarly dicks. Dave bought a computerized pussy. If Dave ever used it, he would never leave the house. Men jerk off so much these days that they have become desensitized when they are with women. Men have cycles too. Men are sometimes really horny but also sometimes totally cold.

Taina won’t reveal his porn name. Some porn stars are racist but its porn. Before pills, Taina had to use his mental abilities to get hard. He would think of all the men getting off. The porn industry are pretty clean. Taina fucked a deaf girl. Her sounds were God’s sounds, the purest expression. Is it gay for men to praise other men in porn?

Sasha always felt like a porn outsider and cried when she got her award. Porn is real work. Sasha never had to fuck anyone to move to the top. Taina is drawn to porn because of its rebelliousness and courageousness. Porn affects Taina’s relationships with women. It weeds out the bad ones. Taina was not a pussy when it came to porn. He gets dirty.

Die Antwoord wanted Dave to play drums with them on David Letterman but Dave couldn’t so that he could go on Howard Stern. Dave was sick from anticipation when getting on Letterman, who he’s listened to for countless hours. Dave talked about Yoshi handing out burned porn DVDs which affected Yoshi getting fired. Yoshi was accused of using porn contact lists for dates.

This podcast was training for Dave to be on Howard Stern. Barbara Walters gave Dave an interview where she tried to take full control. Sasha says you have to take control of the press in this situation. They offered Yoshi his job back but he wrote his letter to clear the air, not for his job. He declined. He fights at work for work ethic and honor. Yoshi keeps tabs on who to hate. Yoshi would have gone back to work if they made changes with the children policy. Yoshi tried to hug Harry and Harry missed it. It’s a blessing in disguise. Yoshi is now setting up in New York. Yoshi’s missed hug has inspired mass hugging in the room. Yoshi had problems with underage paperwork. It’s our final show. It was inconsistent and Dave’s fan are mad at Dave for chasing Yoshi off the show for awhile.

Go Coyotes!

July 6th, 2012    (No Comments)

Go go Bobby and his team the Coyotes!

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Episode 20
July 26th, 2012    (24 Comments)

“THIS IS IT, LAST EPISODE. SORRY FOR THE WAIT AND THANKYOU FOR LISTENING” Dave is not here. Is tranny a derogatory word? Dave (who is fat) has been temporarily banned from the podcast room because of his tendencies to have … More

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