Episode 20

July 25th, 2012    4 Comments
photo 3

4 Responses to photo 3

  1. devon says:

    david you are an inspiration on so many levels. thanks brother.

  2. Ben W says:

    Is that on a plane? That’s crazy if it is, that’s like presidential class.

    • Michael says:

      Oh baloney. Liberals blame Bush for entryehivg. Biden told the world that this naif in the WH would be tested and he goes to the worthless UN. Libs always want to negotiate. It never works historically but they keep on trying until the USA is forced to tag the miscreants who threaten the world. The UN is a bunch of Third World One Party dictatorships which are almost as bad as the N.Koreans. And we want their moral approval? Whoever this blogger is from the Times, he must be a junior at Berkeley. Amazing how the Left can never define real evil nor do anything about it except save the whales!

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