Episode 20

July 25th, 2012    5 Comments
photo 2

5 Responses to photo 2

  1. ed says:

    who is that

  2. dave says:

    its yo momma

  3. Darway says:

    Look David I am a great fan of yours.. Follow most of your video on YouTube… I would like for you to film a short documentary about Liberia, West Africa…
    You have never seen anything shit like this. You can get away with any crimes except Rape and Murder. Police will take bribe for and crime.. You can drive out there with out license, or License plate and get away with it.. it is so funny to see what u can get away with. Drinking why driving and the cops can care less, they will ask for some beer on duty. The women out there are gorgeous and you can have all you can eat for less the 200 U.S.D..
    I just got back from Liberia and was looking for someone that could take the risk and try to film some shit out there.. I can accompany you on this trip…

    Just YouTube VICE videos on Liberia..

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