Episode 18 of the KGB Show is up!

April 3rd, 2012    8 Comments

Here are some pics from the this episode!


Episode Synopsis:

Joey is inviting Dave to his own white people activities. It’s Bobby’s birthday on Sunday. Everyone believes that Joey fucked his old roommate. Joey says she has too much masculine energy. Bobby and his girlfriend Carol loves the show. The podcast gets a lot of hits. Yoshi bags on Carol on a previous show. It seems like this could cause a problem with Bobby. Bobby does not communicate with Carol about the relationship. Yoshi didn’t think that Bobby was into Carol. Bobby doesn’t believe he was indifferent but it also wasn’t infatuation.

Yoshi’s brother makes a rare call and he’s upset about the way Dave was talking about him on the podcast. Dave talks about people who bother him to everybody. All of our family members listen to the podcast. Carol is misunderstood because she is quiet. Yoshi transitions from the fish industry to the porn industry. Yoshi argues with a co-worker who criticized the way he worked. As soon as Yoshi gets touched he loses his shit and breaks the guy’s arm. Yoshi is slightly repentant. A rude Japanese lady caused Yoshi to quit. Dave only wants what he can’t have. Dave questions why he does art? Dave wants a girl but wonders what happens once he gets her? Dave got the success of his dreams but he still feels depressed the next day. It sucks to find what you’re looking for. It’s boring and stupid after you cum. The album Dave and Harry have been wanting to make for 20 years can never live up to it’s anticipation. The finishing of a painting is never as good as the point before finishing. The nature of desire.

Yoshi knows millionaires who are unhappy. He wonders why Dave is unhappy. For Dave, all the vaginas he fucked all blend into one big vagina but end in the end, Dave feels happy and fortunate. Yoshi knows an agent who has to eat shit from these unhappy people. Harry doesn’t want to go on Thumbs Up. It’s 90% torture and pain. Joey is in a relationship again. Joey has eroticized rage. Yoshi’s brother was concerned Yoshi had AIDS because of his cough.

Dave fucks a girl who says weird things when she’s turned on. Joey might play a dangerous game with casual relationships. Joey is mad at Yoshi #2 for not being a good brother. Joey thinks Yoshi #2 is an idiot. For whatever reason, people have a family member they don’t really communicate with. Yoshi has a hot lady friend. The show is over the moment one of us is in a relationship. Yoshi offends our Christian friend, Vania. Dave crank calls Stephanie Seymore. Joey loves sleeping on the beach. Joey visits the Scientology Church with Saelee and Vania. They use Tone 40 for mind control.

Yoshi met this hot woman after his show which doesn’t usually happen, Yoshi doesn’t go for the women who like him after a show. Joey has been on his smartphone the whole show. Joey shows a girl his boner and it actually worked. Yoshi jumped into a scene where a girl was getting fucked and started eating her pussy. Yoshi was in a porno. Yoshi does the paperwork for gangbangs. Yoshi put on a mask for a gangbang blowjob. Yoshi receives a very disturbing black cock slathering on his ass cheek. Yoshi felt very uncomfortable and left.

Dave Choe is compared to Ted Bundy. Chicks love murderers. Killing in war is just an excuse for murderers. Dave pays no attention to any news and doesn’t pay attention to what’s going on in the world. For example, he didn’t know about 911 until the day after. Dave doesn’t know who Casey Anthony is. The tech corner is over. Sports With Bobby: The ice hockey season division 5, the Coyotes, has started off strong with a 7-0 win. Bobby needs better defense. The Coyotes are in last place. The games are held at the LA Valley Ice Center Sat and Sunday nights.

Listen to episode 18 now.

8 Responses to Episode 18 of the KGB Show is up!

  1. GMoneyMillionare says:

    Lovin Life

  2. kirk gardner says:

    IT SEEM’S ALL THE KOREANS I know are degenerates thats why I love you guys..You are all truly fucked up..

  3. Anonymous says:

    When’s the next episode? The listeners are going through withdrawals here

  4. Jack says:

    I miss this podcast sooo much

  5. Rob says:

    Dammit dude when is the next episode??

  6. BigDCfan says:

    Huge fan. Like what the other comments said. Withdrawzzzz

    New epsiode!

  7. circle of eyes says:

    wish the show would continue, it has come to mean alot to me and I am not so sure why.

  8. Neil says:

    new episode, please. We’ve waited soooo long.

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