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11-11-11 is coming soon

Throughout history yellow paintings have not sold well or been appreciated, but my skin is my sin and I made this armour to protect you from me

Yellow Armour

This print is for all my fans, who have supported me and shown me love all of these years; this is an early Chanukah present from me to you.

So this Friday at 11:11 pm west coast time on 11/11/11 the first 111 people to send everything on this checklist (email responses only) to

1) Proof of donating blood, sperm, organs, marrow, food, or money to any good cause or charity or also proof of consensual incestuous relationship is acceptable

2) Apology or confessional letter

3) Photograph of you crying (or laughing so hard it looks like your crying) next to a deformed fruit, or any ape, or a really old or really young Oriental person, or someone shitting or video of you dancing really hard in a crowded public area for at least 5 minutes is acceptable

4) Proof of something that shows you ever loved someone

Will be rewarded with a print of YELLOW ARMOUR that will cost them 0 dollars and 0 cents, and 0 dollars for shipping, this is a free print, it is 18 by 24 inches printed on the best paper, all signed and numbered, there will also be a very limited edition of 11 oversize prints that will actually be for sale for non-charitable types who don’t know love or forgiveness, these are 33 by 44 inches and cost 555$ each (I actually only have 6 of these left, you need to email for these big ones) the original YELLOW ARMOUR was painted with a bucket of yellow and black house paint, yellow, black, and fluorescent orange spraypaint, and oil paint . (here are some in progress pics)

We are working on the honor system but anything forged or faked will be thrown out (we have experts on the scene) any emails sent before 11:11 on 11/11/11 will be disregarded….. and now for some fun


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In august 2011 David Choe broke into pablo escobar’s abandoned vaction home with two of my colombian surreal estate agents and made it mine…..this is only the beginning…

CHOE MATRIX from Upper Playground on Vimeo.

More/Larger Photos:

Episode 12 of the KGB Show is up!

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Here are some pics from the this episode!

Episode Synopsis:
David returns from a long trip from colombia, where he went deep into the jungles with his shaman denzolo, to ingest the spirit molecule Ayahuasca. the most powerful hallucinogenic on the planet with the Kogi indians. the kogi shamans spend 10 years living in a dark cave from age 5 to 15, eating only one small meal a day and sleeping only 4 to 5 hours a night, and living in complete darkness to develop their psychic powers. don’t cross the streams. DMT the chemical the brain naturally makes when your born, when you die and when you dream is whats found in ayahuasca. what has been seen can’t be unseen.

david literally returns from his adventure and drives straight from LAX to do the podcast. is LAX worse than third world airports? why does david buy black dicks everywhere he goes. David is 34 years old and has never done drugs and decided to start doing the heaviest shit this year. david discovers that asian people are actually aliens and performs totally gay acts on himself and others while he was high, david buttfucks himself.

asians have the tightest pussies, there are no accidents, absolutely no accidents at all ever on this entire planet, everything has a very direct and specific meaning and purpose even if it doesn’t seem like it does, everything happens for a reason . everything , all of it, it’s all a big joke, this whole life is just one big joke, also life is just one huge love story, everything and all of it is just one huge love story, everything is love.

yoshi uses a lot of visine on his dry eyes, which just happened to be LSD hidden in the bottle and finds his ancestors angry at him. harry quotes the mission statement from jerry mcguire. saelee contemplates having children. david goes to africa and draws wesley snipes gets mistaken for an alien and is dubbed the “WHITE WIZARD”.yoshi’s dream girl is handicapped, dumb ,deaf, and mute… and dead.

denzolo calls in and talks about drugs on the phone while waiting in line at customs at JFK. how was keanu reeves so confident that patrick sways wasn’t coming back at the very end of point break? david says Everyone in the world should take a complete vacation from themselves and do themselves and the whole world a favor and do ayahuasca once in their life.

Joey and Yoshi mandate at the Huntington gardens. David goes on better guy dates than with women. do you care if your ex is fucking someone else right now? we are all capable of having contradictory emotions all at the same time. all womens pussies belong to joey. many girls enjoy it when big balls slap against their asses during vigorous lovemaking.

Listen to episode 12 now.

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Episode 20
July 26th, 2012    (24 Comments)

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Episode 19
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