September 26th, 2011    (3 Comments)

Updating Audio files!

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Uploading new audio files. So far episodes 1,2,3,4, 5 and 6 have been updated

-Episode 4 has 30 or so extra minutes.

-Episode 5 – first 19 seconds are super low, so please do not turn up the volume til after the 19 second mark. Audio gets a little louder at 8:45 mark.


September 13th, 2011    (1 Comment)

Here are some pics from the this episode!

Episode Synopsis:
We explore the hurtful nicknames kids call each other. Yoshi is newly dubbed YO-SHEMALE. Harry Kim was called hairy dick, horny kim, and dirty harry.

Yoshi’s car gets broken into this morning and we all think its funny. Yoshi gets rear ended 3 times, his car broken into 5 times and keyed within 3 months. Yoshi chases a car thief and hurts himself, small children attack him, and drunk people throw shit at him. People wait to beat yoshi up after his comedy shows.

Yoshi continues his reign as unluckiest guy ever. David is the luckiest man alive. Do we make our own luck? Yoshi goes to tijuana to realize he doesn’t have any real friends, and to fuck a hooker and not have a taco. Yoshi doesn’t think he’ll be a good dad so he got a vasectomy 14 years ago. Yoshi tells us the process of haggling with and picking up a tijuana hooker.

Childhood friend Mike Namba stops bye. Joey shows up to the show an hour late and is worried about hurting the feelings of vulnerable insane people he works with. Joeys attention span for career choices is 2 years. Mike imparts some wisdom on us “the only happiness in life is—TRUTH, i want to fuck that girl, i want to eat that steak, i want to punch you in your face. Thats all that matters, if you can find that you can be sane and happy.”

Joey’s version of dirty talk involves arguing about not wearing a condom with married women. Joey is extremely attracted to married women but wont fuck them. All men look for the little bit motherly little bit whore woman.

What is considered cheating? We explore this delicate subject. Joey always end up naked with gay guys. Road trips are perfect for ending marriages, ex-wives and ex-girlfriends are forever. Joey declares himself the apostle of humility. Harry likes to watch joey jerk off because he’s curious. Sometimes dogs jump in and start licking genitals when couples are fucking.

Yoshi comes to the startling realization that we are his only friends. Joey explains why jews shouldn’t be cremated. Joey hits girls in the back of the head with a bible while fucking them doggy style. And theres nothing wrong with fucking your cousin. Mike is fascinated by a black guy and white guy jerking each other off. We all get picked up hitchhiking by a dude with aids, who begs us if he can suck our dicks.

Listen to episode 9 now.


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