Episode 11 of the KGB Show is up!

October 12th, 2011    (No Comments)

Episode 11 of the KGB Show is ups!

Here are some pics from the this episode!

Episode Synopsis:
Yoshi starts the show by eating loud snacks on the air, (this show was recorded right after the tsunami in japan) Yoshi’s comedian friends send all the tsunami jokes to Yoshi to say immediately after the tragedy because they would never dare to say them, and they know Yoshi will say tragedy jokes while the tragedy is still happening.

Even though you guys have heard our intro/outro theme this is the episode that we first created it and introduced it. Yoshi has a horrible aids cough and spreads his disease all over the studio. Joey makes david promise to never let a woman fuck him with a strap on. Stuffing your dick into a pussy soft and just moving it around until it gets hard again, fucking till it hurts.

Joey lets a crazy south african woman live in his home, and she walks around bottomless. and she tries to get out of paying rent for the first month, it’s only a matter of time until things go south.

David’s mom snoops into his life and traps him and tries to have an intervention on him about his gambling problem. David fucks all day and night, he fucks his pain away. Gay white guys start trolling the korean spa that Harry and David frequent. An older korean guy fucks the jet stream in the jacuzzi. Gays love 24 hour fitness.

Joey truly believes that david will one day get married have kids and turn to christianity and turn away from whoremongering. If you have two girlfriends what is the best sleeping arrangement for equal spooning? What is hypomania? Yoshi is thinking about a career change from the porn business to the fish business. Harry says asian girls are the black guys of girls and asian guys are the black girls of guys.

Yoshi will never work for dave, because he believes david will just torture him like a cat who catches a mouse. Yoshi goes to the museum to get some beauty and culture (he especially loves the dutch masters because they represent to him open mindedness, democratic and religious freedom and doing whatever they want) before he starts looking for whores in the park. Yoshi mistakes a deaf girl for a street walker.

Somerset Maugham said hookers make the best wives. Yoshi is not an angry person, only david brings anger out of him. David uses 6 hairs braided together as homemade floss when he was in prison. Drugs is always the answer.

Listen to episode 11 now.

Episode 10 of the KGB Show is up!

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Here are some pics from the this episode!

Episode Synopsis:
Joey is on time, our childhood friend Tahl Raz author of “Never Eat Alone” and founder of sits in.

We discuss what its like to go to the Hoffman Institute. What its like to bow before a complete stranger and beg him for forgiveness. What its like to kill your parents and attend your own funeral.

When was the last time you stared into someones eyes nonstop for long periods of time? Getting an awesome blowjob on your foot instead of your dick. Is it lonely to wake up everyday and to think of no one but yourself? What it’s like to be married. Our first call ever is from….. yoshi? The thought of anyone fucking the person you once loved. Yoshi says “anger is a young mans game” but he is the angriest of all. We talk as much shit about yoshi as possible until he gets into the studio. James Jean comes into the studio and rats out Yoshi, a monster shit was left in the studio (joey involuntarily gags since he’s a kid when he hears gross shit) that flooded the studio and everyone thinks it’s yoshi.

An 89lb anorexic girl that joey met at a depression conference, slashes her belly and stomach and blames Joey. Married people suck on the show, because they can’t tell any stories. Joey and Tahl squash a blood feud thats lasted years. What a curse it is to be born a beautiful woman and never have any real friends. Harry might be the most handsome man in the world aka bad pitt aka guam cruise. Harry gets recognized from being on netflix at fry’s while we are buying video games.

Yoshi shows up an hour late for the show. Why dicks are shaped like mushrooms, and why its so hard to concentrate on anything anymore. There’s 5 people in the podcast and 3 of them are texting throughout the entire show.

Why sci-fi is so important to humanity when things seem bleak and desolate. Joey hangs out with S. P. Somtow a gay scifi writer and his harem of homeless gay boys when he’s 15 but Joey is totally not gay.

David is accused of waking up in the middle of the night and picking up hulk action figures and stroking them and talking to them. Yoshi blows up at David and everyone about being accused for breaking the toilet with the monster shit, because he claims he shits tiny pebble shits. Joey pleads with david to be gentler with Yoshi. The michael jordan of networking is gay. What its like to go through a miscarriage. David feels sorry for any woman who will ever end up with anyone in this room.

Listen to episode 10 now.

“retarded hearts rule the world ” david choe and Dvs-1 buttfuck london and Norway.

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