September 5th, 2011    (5 Comments)

Here are some pics from the this episode!Episode Synopsis:
We explore satan worship, plant medicine, the mystic arts and the whole crew goes to see a psychic. Why some people are always never fully present and constantly dissatisfied and no matter where they are, always want to hurry to get back home.

Yoshi expresses his hatred for psychics, and the psychic sees a frightened little boy inside yoshi. Yoshi works a clean act in comedy and faces getting laid off from his porn job. We delve into the origin of Yoshi and his relationship with his mother, and find out why he’s the dirtiest comic and works in filthy porn but at the core is still a shy sensitive girl inside. Yoshi is not into “the christian bullshit of forgiving people,” he’s offended by forgiveness, and calls jesus a shithead.

Dave deals with the betrayal of friendship, choosing love or choosing hate. Making the choice out of self respect and principle beating people to near death who deserve it. Being stubborn and embracing not changing and hate. Hating people because they love animals, and hating people because they are too loving and beating your kids.

The psychic reveals that joey is a full blown bisexual. We ponder if its possible for a man to be raped by a woman? A history of never getting the girl you want and always ending up with the uglier best friend.

Denzolo the Shaman drops knowledge on plant medicine and ayahuasca. taking different paths , and learning from our challenges to get to a deeper place. Entering the twilight zone, different dimensions and achieving full body orgasms for over an hour without drugs.

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August 27th, 2011    (6 Comments)

Here are some pics from the this episode!

Episode Synopsis:
Yoshi misses the linkin park concert in san diego to do the podcast show and is pissed about it and declares David is a SCUMBAG.

We ponder what it must be like to be in the biggest rock band in the world. Why yoshi cares about getting stuff signed by celebrities and having his picture taken with them. Yoshi still uses Myspace and why that = pedophilia. Using pornography as currency, and why yoshi gets star struck- we get to the bottom of it. Why Joey is one of the worst friends ever. Yoshi rips on Joey’s friends, koreans show up at all weddings and funerals for the food. My dying uncle tells me i’m too fat . Yoshi rips on james jean and of course Joey SHOWBIZAWITZ shows up late again.

We ask what it’s like to be rich? and answer you get to fuck more expensive hookers. The price you pay to express yourself through art, music and film? When you can just express yourself to your friends for no price. joey discusses the dinner party that he went to that almost ended in a circle jerk but instead ends with joey discussing erectile dysfunction with a korean girl from minnesota, joey discusses his wife getting remarried, and gives his review of the sickest most sexually offensive movie ever made SERBIAN MOVIE. how joey classifies and prioritizes his friends. Joey is surprised by his abilities to still pull in hot women even though he’s turned into a fat slob. joey meets a hot chick and text’s her boyfriend that he’s gonna fuck her. Joey explains how there’s different types of white people. Joey uses psychological warfare on insane people, by being even more insane, he out crazies the crazies. and joey discusses the theory of a lemon scented vagina. and what its like being the community organizer of people with dangerous mental health issues. joey admits that he jerked off to the ned beatty rape scene in deliverance, at work and it comes back to haunt him. joey needs a woman who is nothing like him. what happens when hot water hits sperm, cumming the best and fucking forever…

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Episode 6 of the KGB show is up!

August 27th, 2011    (1 Comment)

Here are some pics from the this episode!

Episode Synopsis:
This is a strange episode, Because no one is here! Joey and Yoshi decide they don’t want to show up for work, so david ends up doing three short shows by himself.

As we condense them all into one tidy episode, we start with what defines ass to mouth. The solution to getting the smell of poo off your finger. The exploration of seeing your asshole for the very first time in a mirror when we were young and what the reaction was.

We have an intermission with a creepy guy saying “probably sounds different with a finger up her ass.”

Next we have family friend and artist, musician, actress, writer, porn queen and hot sauce connoisseur Sasha Grey ( stop by with some reporters (you can hear them in the background setting up). As david interviews Sasha about, how they met, how big her bush is, seeing our parents genitalia growing up, asian women’s sideways vaginas. The lack of production values, story, and music in porn. HBO’s Entourage and crossing over into the mainstream, proving yourself through hard work and determination and not just luck, reality television, judging and no judging, the definition of “whores”, why she wants to own a blow-dry hair salon in las vegas , having failed orgies and making music, having sex fantasies and then actually living them out. how to keep sex exciting when there’s no cameras on. Being paranoid about bringing extra chicks in to the bedroom, being in an open marriage, dealing with stalkers and getting recognized on the streets, david sends a message to his fans, “leave me the fuck alone when i’m talking to girls.” Getting whores to leave and how to spend 3.4 million, starting your own country and indecent proposals.

Sasha, her husband and the reporters leave, as we have an intermission with a creepy guy saying “probably sounds different with a finger up her ass” and sexy bad girl photographer Natalia Mantini ( stops in as david interrogates her about boys and burgers (she’s soft spoken so her audio is horrible), japanese girls with fat milky tits, broken hearts and broken dreams, why new york is awesome and why it sux, why women leave. Liking guys that are assholes , except not an asshole to you. Liking guys that are classically not attractive. TAR = TOTALLY AWESOME RAD and TAR = TOUNGE ASS RAPE. The difference between a dick and a douche.

Dave gives his ignorant advice to girls who want to break the cycle of dating shitty dudes. Don’ts = no white dudes, no artists, no dj’s, no tattoo’s, no piercings at all, no one who uses the word “boo” serious or joking, no facial hair at all, no investment bankers or anyone who has anything to do with money, no athletes, etc….boring people are nice. Why seth rogen is the most attractive man alive, getting white girls out of your system and nice guys really do finnish last, deciphering psychic readings, and reading natalia’s tattoos like they’re tarot cards,  and why girls like fake rape, choking, spitting and slapping and why abusive relationships rule and why all dj’s sound like aphex twin.

Listen to episode 6 now.


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