Harry, signing at the UpperPlayGround booth, Comic Con Saturday and Sunday

July 23rd, 2011    (No Comments)

Harry Kim will be signing at San Diego Comic Con,
UpperPlayGround booth #4633, 4pm Saturday and 12pm Sunday

Harry, signing at San Diego Comic Con today.

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Dvds presigned by David Choe!
Harry kim signing at San Diego Comic Con, giant robot booth #1729.
Want a free david choe munko figure? Buy a DVD and u get one!
Starting at 12 noon.

Episode 3 of the KGB show is up!

July 20th, 2011    (7 Comments)

Here are some pics from the this episode!

Episode Synopsis:
Still no name for show. Everyone is starting to think the show is bad idea, too much neurosis and passive aggressiveness in one tiny room. Tensions rise, friends start to not so secretly hate each other, but we have our first guests! Bobby (aka Prince brownstar barstow okinamba biet-nam blobby nambla B-ono Bobby radical B-rad namba) discusses the art of not making any noise during sex and the strange places he chooses to shoot his orgasms. Our first real guest, porn sensation Asa Akira, who agrees that Bobby is creepy but loves it that he jerks off to her. Listen as she falls in love during the air to our resident comedian and as we discuss her entire sexual career from dominatrix at 19 to winner of best anal scene and best double penetration scene, to holding cum inside your ass for as long as possible for the nutritional benefits.

Listen to episode 3 now.


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Episode 20
July 26th, 2012    (24 Comments)

“THIS IS IT, LAST EPISODE. SORRY FOR THE WAIT AND THANKYOU FOR LISTENING” Dave is not here. Is tranny a derogatory word? Dave (who is fat) has been temporarily banned from the podcast room because of his tendencies to have … More

Episode 19
July 2nd, 2012    (15 Comments)

“NOTE TO LISTENERS: THIS SHOW WAS RECORDED MONTHS AGO. THIS IS THE PENULTIMATE EPISODE. THERE’S ONLY ONE LEFT AFTER THIS.” Happy Halloween! We have a Christian guest and Saelee. Joey is freebasing on Dave’s spirit quest blanket. Dave has finally … More

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The trip begins. David Choe hitchhikes his way across these United States.

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Yermo to Las Vegas.

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