Episode 17

March 27th, 2012    20 Comments


Yoshi’s back! Again!

The room is newly decorated with pictures and custom made wooden masks. Larry David stole Yoshi’s joke and put it in his show. Larry David calls Yoshi with an unpleasant apology. Because of Larry’s fame, now people accuse Yoshi of stealing that joke from Larry. A Kamikaze pilot attacked Oregon. Dave says that Yoshi holds a grudge for a long time. Yoshi calls Dave out on his grudges. Would Yoshi rather have it never had happened to have his joke stolen? No. Larry David was annoying Yoshi on the phone in the way he acts on the show. After the call, Yoshi was yelled at by his boss.
Dave has fought lawsuits and will always spend his money to win. Lawsuits are an unnatural way to resolve conflicts. Dave believes that Yoshi was happy about the whole thing.

Dave gets a call from his older brother Jimmy. Jimmy is a special brother who doesn’t have the same material desires as people in society. He wants to be off the grid and Dave respects that. But in that way, Dave doesn’t respect that Jimmy still asks him for money. Jimmy adopted Dave’s dog Rosie. Rosie has medical problems. Jimmy sells Dave’s sketches on bay to cover the vet bills. Dave works hard to build his career and make his art worth something. Dave is angry that Jimmy undersells Dave’s art for like $300 on bay because he didn’t want to ask Dave for money. It’s not Jimmy’s, it’s Dave’s. To be fair, Jimmy didn’t know what he was doing. Dave is concerned about how Jimmy will make a living. Dave’s parents are scared that Jimmy may move back home.

Having a child is gambling. There is a 50% chance that he could hate your guts. By seeing how Jimmy takes care of the dog, Jimmy has great care taking abilities. In 2007, Dave’s career took off in a show in London with Lazarides. Millions of dollars.

When Dave gets home, he finds that his dad is selling his art in the neighborhood Korean mall for $300. Dave has hatred for the Koreans. Dave’s mom comes to him with business deals. Retirement homes in 29 Palms. Dave says to invest in his art. Dave’s mom then gets a renewed interest in art. While Jimmy is in the print business with Dave, he doesn’t contact Dave in one and a half years. Dave’s mom spends his money to buy his reserve prints back from Jimmy. Dave realizes that he set himself up with these things.

Everybody focuses on romantic love. Romantic love always ends. Friend love doesn’t end and it’s undervalued in society. People tell Dave he has the best friends and he works for that. It’s upsetting to Dave when he is stonewalled by Yoshi, like sometimes a couples won’t talk for months. Yoshi sighs. To protect himself from falling in love and committing, Dave goes out with girls of less quality like strippers and porn stars. Usually a month or two into his relationships, the girls open up to Dave with their personal stories.

Instead of doing crimes, Dave gambles. Dave uses his money to build an awesome studio to distract him from Vegas. Instead, it became a launching pad for Vegas. Dave goes crazy gambling. Dave and Harry do one last Vegas trip and win big. But Dave looks sad towards the end of the trip. Without Vegas, Dave wants to commit crimes again. He talks about killing people. Dave grew up looking up to fictional heroes that killed bad guys. He gets home and hears of women friends of his getting assaulted.

Yoshi’s grandfather was a bitter man. Yoshi’s dad is a sweet guy but divorces his mom. His mom tricks him and takes him away to live with her sister in the US. As a kid, he sees his dad break down in front of him. His aunt’s family tells him that his father does not care about him. Stories this fucked up only comes from Korean families. Yoshi’s stepmother cheated on his dad. Yoshi says horrible things in his comedy to break through naivete to help prevent fucked up things from happening. It’s unclear whether Yoshi’s dad killed himself or was murdered while his stepmother was still cheating on him. As soon as Yoshi flies into Japan, attends his father’s funeral, sees his stepmom, beats the shit out of her and leaves Japan immediately.

Stepmothers are generally evil people. Real evil exists in the world and people do deserve to die. Yoshi’s stepmother has been in other marriages and there have been other mysterious deaths. In Japan, they don’t do autopsies unless the family insists on it. Circumstances seem like Yoshi’s dad got murdered.

Yoshi does his comedy to make people miserable. Joey has a chance to get laid as soon as he gets out of a divorce. Yoshi cockblocks him in the worst way. Dave brings up his issues with Yoshi about some chick named Emily who nobody out there knows. Dave thinks that Yoshi’s mate has to be just as fucked up as he is.

The hot chick tax is expensive. Seeing hookers is convenient. Yoshi is upset that Dave doesn’t follow through on his promise to set up a schedule. Only six people show up for the signing of Dirty Hands at Giant Robot. All six loved the podcast and Yoshi is a favorite. When Dave hears of a friend who is gang raped, he just sees red and he wants to kill. No remorse. Dave was trying to start things again in his life and then he hears of these rapes. His friend tries to kill herself. The person puts herself in a situation that allows her to get raped but it’s preferable to working at Subway. It’s too easy to just shoot someone. You need medical experience to torture someone without killing them. Dave expresses his art to torturing the rapist. A psychic told Dave he is at the master soul level. Dave is here on the planet to teach, to serve, to help. Killing people can also be helping people.

Pics from the podcast.

20 Responses to Episode 17

  1. bt says:

    Thank you guys!

  2. Jay Unidos says:

    One of the best podcasts, so far. The family episode.

  3. Eddie says:

    Dave, You should keep doing these podcasts. You are super talented and funny. I haven’t enjoyed anything like this since the old love line days with Corolla.

  4. erbin says:

    radio gold!

    Dave love the you keep it real on these podcasts.. true idol

  5. Devon says:

    This episode was bloody hilarious. I laughed a lot and I don’t want the show to end. It can’t end. You purchased a lot of equipment for the show already.

  6. Voltron512 says:

    glad to hear another episode…would def subcribe to XM if you had a show.

  7. Voltron512 says:

    this show is nuts!!! love it!!!

  8. mamba says:

    did they ever mention why they’re quitting the show? wish they would keep it going. if they wanted more listeners they could join a podcast network like deathsquad.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t stop podcasting. Fucking love listening to you guys. You make me laugh everyday

  10. p says:

    Dave stick to Jesus bro fuck that psychic shit.

  11. bret says:

    awesome!THANK U FOR UPLOADING MORE PODCASTS guys!i was seriously BUMMMED when you guys said there werent gonna be more…i hope you guys dont stop-a bunch of my freind listen too you!

  12. Blinky says:

    kill all the fuckers!

  13. hashface says:

    This episode was some real heavy shit. I appreciate your guys’ honesty.

  14. yoshemale says:

    great life story about dave. congrats on the success, it’s very well deserved

  15. jamie says:

    these guys really do help me lighten up. i am a single mom struggling from so much emotional and phsical abuse trying to land on my feet and these really do help give me hope that i can do this. dvdasa is what i was listening to…then i found these and they rock too. yea1 dvdasa tonight.

  16. jamie says:

    wow. last episode i commented on how much this helped me. then this episode. that happened to me with the drink..and the gang…i want women to know how common this is. teach your daughters. do not ever accept an open drink…its just not worth it. to this day i am a paranoid freak over that crap. nobody hands me an open drink..or one they prepared. dave…you are so cool.i wish i had had you as a friend back then. i had nobody. i told nobody. i shared that with my husband and he called me a whore for 17yrs. this was good you guys1 dont ever doubt yourselves on the quality of this podcast. much love.

  17. Peter o says:

    viva dvdasa :L

  18. lorenzo says:

    hell fucking yea david!! i’m loving these stories, more podcasts please

  19. Mo_nwatcher says:

    him yelling about his family selling his shit is probably one of the funniest things ever

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