Episode 12

October 21st, 2011    30 Comments

David returns from a long trip from colombia, where he went deep into the jungles with his shaman denzolo, to ingest the spirit molecule Ayahuasca. the most powerful hallucinogenic on the planet with the Kogi indians. the kogi shamans spend 10 years living in a dark cave from age 5 to 15, eating only one small meal a day and sleeping only 4 to 5 hours a night, and living in complete darkness to develop their psychic powers. don’t cross the streams. DMT the chemical the brain naturally makes when your born, when you die and when you dream is whats found in ayahuasca. what has been seen can’t be unseen.

david literally returns from his adventure and drives straight from LAX to do the podcast. is LAX worse than third world airports? why does david buy black dicks everywhere he goes. David is 34 years old and has never done drugs and decided to start doing the heaviest shit this year. david discovers that asian people are actually aliens and performs totally gay acts on himself and others while he was high, david buttfucks himself.

asians have the tightest pussies, there are no accidents, absolutely no accidents at all ever on this entire planet, everything has a very direct and specific meaning and purpose even if it doesn’t seem like it does, everything happens for a reason . everything , all of it, it’s all a big joke, this whole life is just one big joke, also life is just one huge love story, everything and all of it is just one huge love story, everything is love.

yoshi uses a lot of visine on his dry eyes, which just happened to be LSD hidden in the bottle and finds his ancestors angry at him. harry quotes the mission statement from jerry mcguire. saelee contemplates having children. david goes to africa and draws wesley snipes gets mistaken for an alien and is dubbed the “WHITE WIZARD”.yoshi’s dream girl is handicapped, dumb ,deaf, and mute… and dead.

denzolo calls in and talks about drugs on the phone while waiting in line at customs at JFK. how was keanu reeves so confident that patrick sways wasn’t coming back at the very end of point break? david says Everyone in the world should take a complete vacation from themselves and do themselves and the whole world a favor and do ayahuasca once in their life.

Joey and Yoshi mandate at the Huntington gardens. David goes on better guy dates than with women. do you care if your ex is fucking someone else right now? we are all capable of having contradictory emotions all at the same time. all womens pussies belong to joey. many girls enjoy it when big balls slap against their asses during vigorous lovemaking.

Pics from the podcast.

30 Responses to Episode 12

  1. Abbey says:

    FINALLY! and 2+ hours! perfect way to start my week.

  2. justin tang says:

    so how do i know which asian is talking? i know how david sounds like, and yoshi for obvious reasons. but the other people i cant tell, whose the heroin addict and does all harry do is laugh?

  3. Clif says:

    Best episode yet

  4. Zigigas says:

    KGB EP 12 Felt like Breaking Bad, Howard Stern and ofcousre the beautiful secerts of third would countries…

  5. Zigigas says:

    KGB EP 12 Felt like Breaking Bad, Howard Stern and ofcourse the beautiful secerts of third world countries…

  6. Erik says:

    I would love to get on the CHOE Scholarship program. I am ready to change the world and get in the CHOE MATRIX

  7. Lost Highway says:

    You HAVE to send Yoshi to Colombia. Great show again.

  8. Jay Unidos says:

    This episode was “not gay”, and…is there anyone out there capable of making an animated short about Dave’s Ayahuasca trip?

  9. Matt says:

    You fucks are hilarious. I’m for sure calling in when you guys hire that intern and get them to broadcast the show live.

  10. Steve says:

    It was some of the funniest shit I’ve heard in a while until I started noticing how Dave says “like” after every other word.

  11. Billy says:

    How pissed was Dave when he found out whose pussy Showbizzawitz had on his phone?

    I second the motion to make an animated short of Dave’s Ayahuasca experience and would also like an application to the (1) Dave Choe’s: Ayahuasca and friends and (2) the KGB internship.

  12. trevtrev says:

    Amazing show. What a cool story. Dave, dont eat into the mic haha

  13. Jody Brusca says:

    Love your idea of taking your billionaire friends on an Ayahuasca retreat. So glad your got psychedelic.

  14. Savvy says:

    Deemsters. You can make it. At home. Using a certain root and paint cans.

  15. Jasin Harms says:

    Dude checking out your work I like all this stuff

  16. Abuv_all says:

    This show rocked!!! Dave’s such a fucking fantastic story teller! His memory works better than those 40yr ol fags trying to take down the catholic churches because of a litte ass play when they were young. But from the sounds of it, Dave was totally eating kimchi!

  17. Jake says:

    Dave, Harry, let’s do DMT together…c’mon, i have shit load, I extracted it myself, 100% pure. it’s unlike anything else you’ve ever tried. Peace.

  18. carl says:

    Ive heard a lot of stories about peoples trips, but nothing like this.

    Im glad you did it, because it is the the answer. Ill see you in july in costa rica

  19. erbin says:

    loved it, great show, cant wait to see what dave comes up from this experience.
    I agree, they need to make an animation short of dave’s trip

  20. Dave’s trip was so deep..especially the part about how asians are mixed with alien. thats funny because thats how i describe my admiration for asian women, i tell my homeboys “all races look alike we are just different colors.. asian girls are exotic they look like sexy aliens or somethin” haha i been saying that for years..

  21. Dante says:

    What is the name of this place?? I want to go!!

  22. Scott says:

    David never eat like that again on your podcast (towards the end) you sounded like a cow chewing cud.

  23. hashface says:

    Hands down, the best episode yet. Dave says he’s not even explaining the experience in it’s entirety, but it’s fucking amazing.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Cool podcast Dave but you say “like” waaaay too much. Had to be well over 1,000 times in this podcast.

  25. Mohamed Leiker says:

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  26. jc says:

    that jewish guy was getting to fucking negative at the end and really pissing me off, people dont wanna hear that shit,

  27. kevin says:

    this is amazing

  28. BruceV says:

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