Episode 5 of the KGB show is up!

August 13th, 2011    3 Comments

Here are some pics from the this episode!

Episode Synopsis:
We start the show off with some live concert footage of Russell Peters’ presenting Yoshi onstage, as Yoshi tears into his material, some of which, to me sounded like it was ripped off by Larry David or his writiers for the kamikaze episode of curb your enthusiasm.

The whole crew is back together, Kurtzman aka Maury showbizawitz returns. And #1 fan Saelee sits in again, we have a surprise guest from the original food/slice of life/creepy upskirt photos of your girlfriend, blogger BILL ”” Poon aka the pooner aka the hooker transporter.

Bill talks about what its like to transport hookers in his car to johns, the life of a hobbyist, writing to female felons in prison, becoming their pen pal, and trying to fuck them on their release date, and style tips.

World famous artist James Jean crashes the pooners interview to express his true feelings towards Poon, and how he had knowingly or unknowingly cockblocked him in his career and love life years ago. How Poon took creepy pictures of Jame’s ex-wife and how he must’ve jerked off to them. He’s fucking James Jean bitch! who the fuck is Bill Poon? The usually mild mannered james jean lashes out and has a nervous breakdown on the show (only our 5th show in and already 2 mental meltdowns).

Bill explains how to eat pussy and the difference between fucking whores and fucking civilians. How to price whores and value the cost of pussy. How serious and professional he is about his job, how he does not trade services. How to pimp girls out. And what compels a man to drive hookers if it’s not for sex. We explore why marriages don’t work and the Failure of communication in relationships.

Listen to episode 5 now.

3 Responses to Episode 5 of the KGB show is up!

  1. calum says:

    check out frankie boyle more intense than yoshi methinks

  2. calum says:

    not that hes not good!

  3. 83Antonetta says:

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