Episode 4 of the KGB show is up!

August 1st, 2011    4 Comments

Here are some pics from the this episode!

Episode Synopsis:
This is technically our 5th show, because for our 4th show, we recorded ourselves doing drugs for the first time like preteen jerk offs, but it’s completely unlistenable, it sounds like how you’d imagine it, horrible and annoying.
So we will count this one as our 4th, which is still pretty horrible and annoying. Broadcasting for the first time out of the warehouse, from my hotel room in las vegas, nevada with a bloody nose after losing my life savings and being up for 3 days straight. All the virgin drug addicts recall our first experience from a week earlier. Drugs are awesome. Drugs are the best.

We ponder why our dicks look like mushrooms. Putting tuning forks into your dick hole. We interview the room service butlers about doing mountains of cocaine and shooting pornos in the room, and asking them if they want to fuck us and if we can fuck their daughters. The food arrives, the show comes to a screeching halt. Nobody stopped the show, so you can hear us eating from 20 feet away during the break and then all hell breaks loose, over sound quality, professionalism, and how a radio show is not like art.

We discuss who is ever gonna listen to this show, if it’s good or a piece of shit. We discuss if harry is lazy or not. Harry has a nervous breakdown and threatens to ship all the radio show equipment to Alaska. We discuss CBS aka cock block suicide and someone who is listening to the show feels like killing himself after listening to us bicker for 4 hours.

Listen to episode 4 now.

4 Responses to Episode 4 of the KGB show is up!

  1. WigglyPiggly says:

    In the Spirit of Yoshi’s love of Rapeman –

    -Fan #6

  2. Jae Yi says:

    next episode please!

  3. Al Terego says:

    Keep ‘em coming, these are amazing

  4. Austin says:

    These are the best!

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