Thumbs Up Episode 3.14

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David is stranded in Wuhan without his cameraman or Harry. After wandering the city, David receives a phone call from an anonymous hooker. She says that Harry is on the rooftop of the Love Hotel and that he needs help. And then all hell breaks lose…

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Season 3
Thumbs Up Episode 3.1

David Choe and Harry Kim set out on their epic hitchhike across China. But first they make a pitstop at Choe’s art show and pick up Harry’s sister, the newest addition to the thumb squad.

Thumbs Up Episode 3.2

The crew tries their luck at a truck stop and end up hitching with an empty karaoke bus.

Thumbs Up Episode 3.3

Choe rips his pants after pretending to take a shit on the Great Wall of China. A gang of Chinese schoolboys point and laugh as he and gets them mended. Meanwhile, Stephanie’s flirted her way into another ride, proving once … More

Thumbs Up Episode 3.4

After slow-poking around with horny teenagers, Choe and the gang get stranded in the Chinese dustbowl and stumble upon the entrance to a midget colony in the cliffside.

Thumbs Up Episode 3.5

David realizes that Chinese people probably don’t even know what thumbs up even means. After crossing the Chinese grand canyon, the crew runs into a crowd of fellow hitchers.

Thumbs Up Episode 3.6

Choe and company wake up hungover after a night of partying with Mongolians. They join an all-girl parade and discuss the fact that there is no pornography in China but there are homeless asians.

Thumbs Up Episode 3.7

After running from the police, the gang happen upon the Chinese shire.

Thumbs Up Episode 3.8

The crew find themselves in Shaanxi after getting kicked off a bus and scoring another ride. They meet a band of punk rockers called Echo Rush and are finally shown how to truly party in the People’s Republic.

Thumbs Up Episode 3.9

Since Harry rocked the party last night, David treats him to a haircut. Afterwards he scares a lot of cute girls away. Meanwhile, David discusses how the road kills relationships with Echo Rush’s bus driver.

Thumbs Up Episode 3.10

In this episode, the crew walk around the yellow river, fight with some goats, and find a bike gang. Stephanie woos the gang and they find themselves on the back of some motorcycles on their way to an unknown location.

Thumbs Up Episode 3.11

In the city of Zhengzhou, Harry tries on a variety of wigs — some inanimate, some living. A rift in the group emerges over the journey’s trajectory.

Thumbs Up Episode 3.12

In this installment, Choe and Harry experience difficulty nabbing a ride without Stephanie to attract horny drivers. Leaving behind the road, they adopt a mode of transportation that served them well in the past.

Thumbs Up Episode 3.13

The guys abandon both land and cameraman to float their way down the Yangtze in an inflatable boat. After harassing the dog of a local couple, they sweet talk their way into trading their boat for a ride to Wuhan.

Thumbs Up Episode 3.14

David is stranded in Wuhan without his cameraman or Harry. After wandering the city, David receives a phone call from an anonymous hooker. She says that Harry is on the rooftop of the Love Hotel and that he needs help. … More

Thumbs Up Episode 3.15

While Harry’s sparking romance with a rescued prostitute, Dave wakes up with spider bites on his ass. The three have some trouble train-hopping, but manage to clamber atop a passenger car and freeload their way safely south.

Thumbs Up Episode 3.16

When Harry’s prostitute girlfriend dumps him, the gang are stranded in a land where 1 billion people don’t speak their language. So they climb a tree that’s climbed a truck and ride it south all Ent-style.

Thumbs Up Episode 3.17

Choe launches into a montage of the gang’s bizarre, repulsive, outlandishly awesome antics from their sojourn through the People’s Republic, proving that they’ve done it—they’ve rocked China. The season finale of Thumbs Up: China. Spoiler alert, it ends with Harry … More

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