Thumbs Up Episode 1.2

July 7th, 2011    4 Comments

Yermo to Las Vegas.

4 Responses to Thumbs Up Episode 1.2

  1. corey says:

    Great stuff, but I can’t believe there was no Kerouac reference to Dean Moriarty while in the town named “Moriarty”. It would have been perfect as On The Road is the quintessential road-warrior novel.

  2. tomos says:

    i wanna see some maury showbizzawitssss

    fuck i wanna do this shit so bad

  3. David Bussotti says:

    Best piece of video That I’ve ever seen. U rocked the Stern show!

  4. milesstuart says:

    You are a great great man Dave. I hope I’ll be able to watch and listen to your shit as long as I keep my sick soul alive man. And please don’t die from stupid shit like aids or something. And never ever go gay on your fans (pun intended).

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Season 1
Thumbs Up Episode 1.1

The trip begins. David Choe hitchhikes his way across these United States.

Thumbs Up Episode 1.2

Yermo to Las Vegas.

Thumbs Up Episode 1.3

Gambling in Vegas.

Thumbs Up Episode 1.4

Leaving Las Vegas.

Thumbs Up Episode 1.5

Fellow travelers. Season finale.

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