Episode 5

August 12th, 2011    17 Comments

Warning: adult language and subject matter. Uploaded new file with improved audio (First 19 secs are super low, then the audio gets much louder. Levels get a bit louder still starting at 8:53, please do not turn your volume up based on the first 19 seconds).

We start the show off with some live concert footage of Russell Peters’ presenting Yoshi onstage, as Yoshi tears into his material, some of which, to me sounded like it was ripped off by Larry David or his writiers for the kamikaze episode of curb your enthusiasm.

The whole crew is back together, Maury showbizawitz returns. And #1 fan Saelee sits in again, we have a surprise guest from the original food/slice of life/creepy upskirt photos of your girlfriend, blogger BILL ”yumyumcha.com” Poon aka the pooner aka the hooker transporter.

Bill talks about what its like to transport hookers in his car to johns, the life of a hobbyist, writing to female felons in prison, becoming their pen pal, and trying to fuck them on their release date,  and style tips.

World famous artist James Jean crashes the pooners interview to express his true feelings towards Poon, and how he had knowingly or unknowingly cockblocked him in his career and love life years ago. How Poon took creepy pictures of Jame’s ex-wife and how he must’ve jerked off to them. He’s fucking James Jean bitch! who the fuck is Bill Poon? The usually mild mannered james jean lashes out and has a nervous breakdown on the show (only our 5th show in and already 2 mental meltdowns).

Bill explains how to eat pussy and the difference between fucking whores and fucking civilians. How to price whores and value the cost of pussy. How serious and professional he is about his job, how he does not trade services. How to pimp girls out. And what compels a man to drive hookers if it’s not for sex. We explore why marriages don’t work and the Failure of communication in relationships.

Pics from the podcast.

17 Responses to Episode 5

  1. Louie says:

    i’m gonna listen to this while i go for a run. i might laugh too hard and run into a car.

  2. AlexW says:


  3. Zigigas says:

    That Show was the Absolute Truth…Harry can you delete my Email form last show comment to much spammm, Absolute Truth.

  4. Ryu says:


    ahaha that shit was golden.

  5. |_ee says:

    Heyo, listened to and enjoyed the podcasts so far. Painful yet endearing confessions and everyone is loveable.

    As a non-lazy tech-nerd, I empathise with Harry about the editing being a bitch and sound quality is very important. Also cos the low levels make listening to anything else after the podcast a rude shock (I turn the vol. up almost to the max). Creating something good is never easy, isn’t it?

    Could you do a favour/some suggestions:
    - what are some of the music tracks played during (before, after) the podcasts? Tracklist? Enquiring music-lovers would like to know…
    - some pics of Yoshi’s outfit(s)? Is it that bad?
    - more pics.. of food?

    I think the more you do this podcast, the more it will gain traction; I’m a listener (not a personal friend) from another hemisphere (sorry, I’m not North Korean).


    (please do not display my email address.10Q!)

  6. Zigigas says:

    kgb-admin Thankx, Sasha Grey Would de·fina·bili·ty Raise Boners… Fancy Sasha Grey !

  7. Saul says:

    Great episode. It’s getting better and better.

  8. Jay Unidos says:

    The moment Yoshi became one of the least fucked up guests on the podcast is when I realized this shit could be next level.

  9. P says:

    this show is great!

  10. Kyle says:

    found the radio show two days ago and im caught up. cant wait for the next.

  11. bobblob says:

    Women are attracted to attached men because the man comes pre-approved by another female. It’s instinctual and primal. Women can argue against this all they want but actions speak louder than words.

  12. Paul says:

    This is a great show
    you guys are bad ass

    You should be on the howard stern network

    Thank you

  13. bw says:

    great set by Yoshi to start the show! Dave has been a little mean to Yoshi now in each of the 5 episodes I have listened to. I have to say, Yoshi has been most honest and most hilarious to this point.

    Bill Poon is the Hoe Chauffeur!!!!

  14. bw says:

    “no no no, hold on, hold on, that’s true, but she would smell my balls. It was really special, it was really special”

    “the more you talk the bigger the gay hole you’re digging for yourself. You’re digging like an epic gay pit right now.”

    “I don’t even care about the epic gay pit, there was a gay guy that tried to hit on me at that show, I don’t even give a fuck, I’ll fuck the gay guys until they don’t even know what their head is….no, I mean I’ll scare them. I’m hungry.”

  15. Scott says:

    Wtf the jew didn’t know about Yoshi from mario..

  16. Anonymous says:

    cult of personality by living color!

    found you via joe rogan experience

    totally anarchic and degenerate, the most fucking hilarious podcast i’ve ever heard

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