Thumbs Up Episode 2.4

July 9th, 2011    3 Comments

Season 2 Finale.

3 Responses to Thumbs Up Episode 2.4

  1. Will says:

    Hahaha the vampire faces are priceless!

  2. that chick was a straight “butta-face” body was so right! and she was kool as phuck rockin the Optomist Prime helmet and dildo on her hip..lmao

  3. tomos says:

    this is in my mind one of the greatest episodes

    and harrys hair is the best character

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Season 2
Thumbs Up Episode 2.1

David and Harry begin their second great trek from Tijuana, plotting a course up the West Coast to the North Pole.

Thumbs Up Episode 2.4

Season 2 Finale.

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